Why do People Run After Actors and Want to be Actors?

It has been seen that most of the people living in this era want to adopt the career of acting. They follow actors and consider them as their role models in every aspect and they also want to become actors themselves so that they can get the same rewards as them.

Friends, there is no single reason behind this, but there are many factors on which people think that the life of a actor is very beautiful and easy. Do you know that it is not at all, but people do not understand. I have included some factors according to these how the a person is attracted to acting. It will help you to decide whether you really want to become an actor or not.

So are you excited?

Let’s get started with something amazing and truth revealing!

Social Power

People want to become powerful in society. People want everyone to work under them And this legacy has been going on forever, but it cannot go on forever, dear, you know this. People want to be socially powerful. And that’s why people want an opportunity to be the part of acting industry so they can make their mark. Those who think that it is ego for you to go into acting or politics and that way you can become a dominant person. They believe this because if they see actors living this kind of life and being popular, therefore they like it. People see that actors are very famous and what they say is accepted because people respect them.

But the reality is different! This did not happen every time, but still most of the people think that maybe they can change their life in this way and by adopting their cool style, one can also loved by people.

Tell me how much truth there is in it, I have expressed what I felt.


Being famous means that people get to know you more and more and respect you. Being famous is everyone’s dream and there is no better way than acting to get fame. That’s why I think people want to embrace acting. Do you feel in the same way? If so, let me know. Fame is something that a person can do anything with. History tells us that people have even been ruined others for this fame and cities have been destroyed.

So why didn’t people run behind it? 

I’ve spent a long time watching actors and actresses. Sure, they look good and everyone aspires to be like them, but the harsh reality is that they also have problems and perhaps they face more problems than we do.

Now this is not to say that being an actor is wrong or that it is too difficult, but it is better to clear up some misconceptions.



Friends, you must have seen the movies and you must have seen that everything is complete and nothing seems incomplete. While acting, men look like kings while women look like queens. Even the old people look young and everyone is dressed perfectly. Seeing that everything seems to be perfect, where even if someone gets hurt, it also heals in moments. Of course, nothing like that happens in reality, and people just think that everything is easy and all the complications are in real life, and they want to go to the world of acting. It all seems like a dream, so everyone likes it, it’s just one side, and but there’s a good side to it.

The statement is mostly found among these people and people live in this world full of dreams. There is another side to the picture as well that thousands of people are worried and depressed just because they don’t look perfect and beautiful like the actors in those movies. There is another positive side in the picture, according to which many people think based on the same concern and then struggle hard to achieve such status, then finally, they achieve it.

Financial Freedom

Economic freedom is something that makes a person free at heart and if he maintains it, he can achieve a lot later because he is financially independent. Yes, freedom is desired by every human being, but unfortunately very few people are able to achieve such freedom. People do not get this freedom because people only do things that benefit them only at that time. And they don’t think about the future at all and are like dogs and all they do is eat and drink. They don’t think about saving that money and investing it, that’s why they always have it. You have seen many actors who are free from such worries and are doing their work openly, so I think people love acting. People want that people want freedom in terms of money just as actors do their work without any problem, they can live a similar life.

It is very important for such people to realize the fact that there is no work in the world in which you do not need hard work, but in every kind of work, you have to work hard and create something new. Only then will you be able to achieve something else you will remain stuck in the same way. I have seen many people who act like ordinary actors and then they get mediocre results. And there is absolutely no strength in their acting and that is what makes them fail.


You must have an idea that there are many fears in every human being and every human being is living under one or the other fear. Fear is something that can be used both rightly and wrongly۔ Most of the people misuse it and on the basis of it they scare many people. They put many arguments in front of them on the basis of which they should be scared. The most frequent fear that every human being has in today’s era is economic and social power.

As you know that in today’s era, the attention of simple people is more important than money. And unfortunately these people understand that it’s free for all and social media is what they’re using, but they should understand that social media is using them. And the biggest fear people have is that if they don’t take up acting, they will fail very quickly and there will be nothing left in their life. I said earlier that through social media, they are being shown that they are incomplete. And you can only succeed in one way, If you start acting or adopt a similar activity like short videos.

This is the reason why people are so afraid and reality is that they have going in a dangerous direction.


Knowing this already, I have included only this aspect of acting which is very complex. If I say it in other words, I have described only the negative side of acting. Some people really like to be Actor, so maybe I shouldn’t forbid them to do it. But if you force yourself into something, the result will be nothing. Because just watching a movie and making a movie are latterly two different things. You should explore yourself and see what you want to do and what you can do.

You know very well that people hide this side or don’t want to express it, but it was also necessary to reach the public. I felt it necessary to describe this side of acting. Perhaps you might disagree with my opinion That is why I request you to correct me.

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