Top 5 Pakistani Celebrities Who Have YouTube Channels

YouTube has become a distinct video content sharing platform. You also know that people are now more dependent on YouTube channels than television, rather than word of mouth. I was guessing one day that people are now spending more time on YouTube. So you have to turn on the television to watch the channels and by going to the tab you can see the different channels shuffling by name.

According to thinkWithGoogle, YouTube has reached more young people between 18 to 29 than television. This type of growth can help anyone on YouTube who has a YouTube channel. Because there are a lot of content consumers always sitting on YouTube. Actor actors also get benefit from this and there are many actors in Pakistan who have YouTube channels and they are growing themselves successfully with YouTube as well.

I am going to list out examples of Pakistani youtubers who are actors too.


Samina Peerzada

Samina is one of the legends of Pakistani showbiz industry. She had spent a long time in the showbiz industry. Therefore she has a lot of experience in this field. She has had a lot of struggle to achieve this position. Now she is running a YouTube channel 2016 and reached the milestone of 800K subscribers. The name of the YouTube channel is “Rewind with Samina Peerzada”. This YouTube channel has content type featuring other famous celebrities in Pakistan. Actually this is a show hosted by her.

Juggun Kazim

Jugnu has worked in many fields of showbiz as an actor, anchor, beauty specialist, model, host, producer, etc. She is a Mom therefore she has tried many videos about mother’s life and child care. It is clear that she focuses on the child’s health and mind as well. Because as a Mom you have to guide your children so that they can fight with their problems in future. She is contributing to it very well. Her YouTube channel is “Juggun Kazim”. Which reached the milestone of 614K. She is a great influencer and motivation for women’s health and fitness. She also had guides based on beauty tips and food recipes.

Ifthikhar Ahmed Usmani

Iftikhar Ahmed Usmani is one of the legendary actors, script writers, and also a youtuber. He has too much contribution in the drama industry and his role is entertaining and engaging in any drama. He follows sufism and social values therefore he tries to spread peace and wants to see the smiles of Pakistani people. Lots of videos he has created and also attended many shows on television. Some videos of his poetry had gone viral therefore he became more famous with time.

Content of the YouTube channel is related to vlogging. He travelled to many places in Pakistan and all over the world. He reviews all these places and tells the historical values. We can find something new and creative in his videos. Being an aged person he has many experiences. Also share his experience and thoughts through his videos. You want any self help you should reach his YouTube channel. Channel name is Iftikhar Ahmed Usmani.

His YouTube channel has reached 350K with almost 800 videos.

Bilal Khan

Bilal Khan is one of the great actors of Pakistani industry. He is also a singer and vlogger at YouTube. His YouTube channel reached 583K subscribers with almost 173 videos till now. His content is related to entertainment and singing etc. He also made entertaining vlogs on his channel. He has been active on YouTube for many years from 2007. His voice is different from the singer’s. His career is also growing with time and he is one of the favourites for his fans.

He tries to laugh and make something funny for his audience. He also reviews TikTok stars.


Noor Bukhari

Noor Bukhari’s YouTube channel is named as Noor Bukhari Official. She is one of the talented actors and beauty guides. She has a lot of knowledge in the beauty and health of the face. She is also trying to get in touch with the teachings of Islamic religion. Therefore we can take a look at religion from her YouTube channel. She covers every event of religious activity with her videos. Most of the videos on YouTube channels are based on face cam with mobile cameras which is also a good factor for audience engagement. She always keeps her videos simple and flat without any graphical frames and animations. If someone wants to learn makeup and wants an experienced personality, then she is one of Pakistan’s best personalities in this way.


This is the era of social media and we are living in an attention economy. YouTube is one of the leading platforms in terms of engagement with the help of videos. Most of the YouTube channels are based on entertainment and our celebrities in Pakistan have great opportunities to grow their self with the help of social media. The people are doing so and engaging their audience more than any TV drama and special show.

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