Three Inspiring Pakistani Actors To Get Inspired

Pakistani acting industries are growing with time and showing their best. You will find a lot of people in this industry who are these types of personalities from which you can get inspiration. If we look at the acting and the struggle in their life we will compel to say that hats off sir to you. The Pakistani film industry is growing but the drama industry is too famous All around The world.

Therefore, most of the actors get famous with drama serials. My list is very interesting for all. Pakistan has many actors who were clear about their career but many of them were not sure that they will start a career in acting. I know you are getting impatient to know whichever actor I have added to this list for you?

Ahad Raza Mir

Ahad Raza Mir is one of the luckiest persons in the history of Pakistan whose father is also a famous actor. His father Asif Raza Mir also got a reputable career in Pakistani drama industry. Ahad was born in 1993 in Karachi. He spent his time abroad and studied in Canada and also worked as a theatre artist to support his pocket. In 2016, he came to Pakistan and started his career as a drama actor. His first drama was sammi and he got little fame through his acting skills. And he also worked in yakeen ka Safar and it helped him to make his place in the Pakistani drama industry and he became a liked personality as a youngster.

He is famous for the most liked drama “Ehad-e-Wafa“. This drama was supported by the Pak army and Pakistani people like him to see it due to their love for the army. He played one of the leading roles in this drama and youngsters fans were one of the factors who started to love him and push his career to greatest heights. He got married with Sajal Ali and started his marital life with some dreams and happiness in 2020. But soon after 2 years they decided to lead their life separately and announce separation in 2022. This was one of the saddest moments for them and their fans. This moment also helped him to go viral unknowingly. Because of his fans that make his divorce’s incident viral on social media too fast. Till this time he has worked with parwaz hai junoon which have gone viral. It was a film related to the Air Force.

He also worked in many drama serials like hum Tum and many more. He also worked with Netflix. He is one of the legendary people who got the opportunity to work with Netflix. His journey was very inspiring and he faced hurdles in his career. Like when he started working with music industry people expected from him something different as his personality but he sang a classical song. But he never loses his hurt and is still working on his singing skills and improving it more. He got his journey in acting very smooth and successful and won many awards like in HUM awards and LUX style awards.

Fawad Khan

Fawad Khan’s background belongs to a Punjabi family and he was born in Karachi in 1981. He is one of the legendary superstars which is liked by the audience and his personality is the favourite of many people. Started his education in Lahore Grammar School in Johar town and completed his school education there. He also studied for a bachelor’s degree. He is one of the great actors, singers and models.

Started his journey with the music industry and he also got a band and collaborated with other bands. His band also participated in the Pepsi battle. But due to his struggle and luck he has been a judge of the same show. It was one of the best opportunities for him to learn many things from experts and polish his skills in the music industry.

Do you know that Fawad Khan also worked as a musician but soon he left all these things for acting. He started acting in 2001. He is one of the most attractive actors in the Pakistani showbiz industry. That is the reason the Indian Bollywood industry cast him to work with them. He has been awarded as the most beautiful man.

He is also known as the highest paid actor in the Pakistani acting industry. He worked with movies and also made his name in the film industry like Khuda Kay Liye. His famous film in Bollywood is Kapoor and sons in which he plays his leading role as an elder son. His first film was Khoobsoorat in Bollywood. He also worked in Ho Mann Jahan and Ae Dil Hai Mushkil. It was 2016, the memorable year of his life, in which perform great roles.

He performed many drama serials Satrangi and dastan. After these dramas, he got another opportunity and brightened his career. He has health issues with his paws. He is one of the famous actors who got success in his young age. He faces many hurdles and keeps on working hard. He got many awards from Hum Awards, Lux Style Awards, Pakistan Media Awards.

Farhan Saeed

Farhan is another personality which is most liked by Pakistani audiences. He was born in Lahore Punjab and his parents were doctors and he grew up in a good environment. He was attracted to music from childhood and he does not show any delay or hell hesitation to choose the singing and acting industry. His singing is too much in which he sang some favorite songs like na cher malanga nu with Aima Baig.

He is passionate about singing, cinematography, modeling, acting, music, and video direction. He worked with the band JAL which got famous all over Asia. He also got inspiration from Atif Aslam. After all, he said goodbye to JAL. You are also saying songs for Indian films. Do you know that he started working in acting from 2014 and his first drama was Do Ijazat Jo Tu. Then he also worked with some beautiful dramas like Mere Ajnabi and Udaari.

His career was running smoothly and he was working to keep on in dramas. He got the project to work in Suno Chanda and that was the life changing project for him. After that he became an inspiration for many fans all over Asia. In the acting industry he also participated in some films like Punjab nahi jaungi. That was pretty much about him and he is a Pakistani youngster’s inspiration after all. He is a great actor who played his role successfully and is a singer. He won many Awards from Lux Style Awards and Hum Awards.


If someone got inspiration from anyone there should be a valid reason. If you get inspiration from any actor, you should be familiar with his problems and painful journey after all. Because in front of the curtain everything looks perfect, but the truth appears behind the curtain. And very few people know the truth behind the curtain. If you want to draw inspiration from them, you must also become a realist. I have seen many people who only look at their success, but if they see their hard work and see their patience, they might just break down. Come on, no problem, if you have any disagreement with me, you can certainly express it.

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