Four Pakistani Young Celebrities Who Left Study for Acting

The Pakistani acting industry has a large collection of many types of people who have different roles in their real life. Many actors are doctors as well or others are leaving their studies in schools or colleges. Audience still loves them with their profession and try to follow them at most.

I have a list of some actors who left their study for acting.

So are you excited?

Let’s get started!

First actor in our list is, Shaista Lodhi.


Shaista Lodhi

Shaista lodhi has completed her MBBS but is yet to complete her internship which is necessary for a doctor. She left all the next studies for acting that shows that she does not got stuck with one field but she tried other things. That’s why she got successful opportunity in acting field. When she felt that he needed to jump out another field because she found some facts and switch out her costly career and do not get internship. But when she got successful in Action. She felt that she can scale her skills. She started learning about medical and get specialized in laser treatment. She has now completed her homework and runs her own clinic where she performs laser treatments.


Ayyan Ali

She is one of the legend model and singer who left her studies because she got opportunity in modelling. She decided right decision because she is now made her career and getting more famous with time as she work more. Actually Ayyan Ali completed her matriculation from Lahore Grammar School. And after completing her metric in science she got admission in Pakistan’s biggest fashion school but she is getting thousands of modelling offers from there. Therefore, she stopped her education to make her modelling career. She doesn’t stopped yet and working continuously in her field. Exception is always there. She started her career as a model in 2010 and due to her hard struggle, she had won “Best Female Emerging Model“.


Neelum Muneer

Neelum Munir studied at Bahria University Karachi, but after becoming a permanent part of show business, she do not continue studies and started acting as a career. She felt that she can perform better acting rather than in any University, she left everything for acting.

Any change in this world demands sacrifices and who have these type of ambition and determination, to take some calculated risks, adopt this change. It doesn’t mean that studies are wrong path and you have to just jump to any field in which you interested. But you have no idea about it that the thing work here. It means that when you found that one field is available for in which you getting return and also interested in. You can change your path of success. That is the reason, Neelum accept change and she got involved in acting. Therefore, she got success because of jumping in her career at right time. That’s why Today, Neelum is the most loved television actress of the entertainment world.


Fahad Mustafa

He was studying B Pharmacy but due to the demand of dramas Fahad somehow couldn’t concentrate on his studies and when he was in 3rd year B Pharmacy. Fahad Mustafa is one of the lagendey actor who is actively appears in advertisement and get super interaction with his audience. The decision or lefting studies works for him. Unfortunately, his B pharmacy degree which still incomplete have no benefit for him. If he could complete her studies in B pharmacy, he might be working in another field and we cannot enjoy his acting. But nature selected him for acting and circumstances created for him. Now because he has left his studies Fahad is the most loved celebrity of Pakistan.



Everyone got opportunities to change life and got high position in their career. Anyone who accept the new circumstances, changes his future. It teaches us a lesson that if anyone feels that he working in field and felt that ge can do better by leaving studies. One must leave it and move forward.

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