Four Pakistani Superstars Who Died Young

There are some Pakistani Actors who are giving their best and emerging with their talented acting but life does not support them. They saw many dreams like us and they wanted to take many steps towards their hopeful and interesting future. But God planned for them something different. They are still remembered by their fans and families. Some Pakistani actors who leave us with their charming memories and greatful personalities. You may not know them. But when you read about them, your heart will also feel their heartful acting!

There are ample superstars in the showbiz industry but the saddest moment is when someone leaves this world for always. We all know that Human life is mortal. People come and go from our lives. Here we have a list who left this world and became memories.


Waheed Murad

Waheed Murad was a superstar of the old film industry. He did many films as a leading role. The story of his death starts with the facial surgery. Waheed celebrated his birthday a day before surgery. He bought some gifts for Aadil, his son, and wished him a happy year with best wishes. He returned late and stopped at the house of Anita Ayub’s mother Mumtaz Ayub for the night as he had to rest there. He was tired and did not wake up till too late. The people at home thought that he was tired, therefore, he is resting. They did not try to lift him up. After a long while they knock on the door but no response. Then they tried to open the door forcefully and they saw that Waheed was lying on the floor dead for several hours.

They saw that a paan sheet with ‘something’ was found in his mouth. That was too suspicious thing ever happened with Waheed Murad and No one knows for sure if it was a heart attack or suicide. We lost our hero like this and he is buried near his father’s grave at Gulberg Graveyard, Ali Zeb Road, Lahore.


Farah Jahanzeb

Farah Jahanzeb was the cutest cook. Before cooking she got divorce and then she started her career as chef and he got the best position as a cook. She has a great sense of acting therefore she got accepted in TV shows. The style of speaking and presenting the things before the audience was great and attractive. She worked with Zaiqa TV for the first time. She also does the most-liked program “Food Afternoon with Farah” on Geo TV.

The reason for her death was so dangerous. The fight for her life came to an end and she was unable to fight more with breast cancer, she died. The date of her death was July 21, 2014. But she left a great memory in our minds.


Shamim Aiman

Shamim Aiman ​​​​was a good singer and sang many songs in pashto as she was a singer. The reason of her death was a murder. She was killed by her own brothers ‘Alamgir and Ismaeel’. They disagreed with her due to adopting the singing profession. She was still doing so even though they stopped her. Whatever the case was but we lost a pashtun singer who was entertaining the people with her performance. This was the day of Sunday and the date was April 26, 2009. Her husband also said that her brothers killed her. This was the moment when we lost a young star in the Pakistani singing industry.


Sana Khan

Sana Khan, a talented Pakistani actress. Not only acting but she also worked as a model and celebrity left this world a few years ago due to an accident. When she started her career, she adopted modeling. She has worked as a model for various brands such as Veet Super Model in 2011. Sana Khan also has worked in TV shows including,

  • Parchaiyan,
  • Do Qadam Door Thay
  • and Rukhsar.

She performed very well and she was a well-known actress due to her works in drama serials. She has always performed outstandingly in her career and her work in ‘Parchaiyan‘ is respectable. We still remember Sana Khan for her work and efforts to bring smiles on our faces. We cannot believe that she had left us. She was so beautiful and one of the legendary celebrities of Pakistan who got success early and then left us soon.

She died in a vehicle crash with traffic accident on 7 March 2014 in Hyderabad’s Jamshoro district. Actually She was traveling with her husband Babar, who was also injured badly but rescued in the accident. She got married and it was the time to enjoy life with her husband but we do not know how that accident occurred. If it was an ignorance or mistake. Reports revealed that it was their love marriage a few months before. They were going to Hyderabad from Karachi and then they encountered a traffic accident. Both situations were serious. Therefore, Sana lost her life while Babar was saved in the hospital after intensive care and treatment. If we explain the whole incident briefly then it will be that the cause of her death was a traffic accident on the highway with her husband. Her husband also got injured too badly.



We will remember all these actors who left us with their beautiful memories and left their impact in the industry. The people who are alive should understand the value of this life which can be taken at any moment. We should work more so that we also can remember after we have died.

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