Five Pakistani Actors Who Worked in Hollywood

Pakistan is one of the best countries in acting but due to less resources movies are less there. But Pakistan’s drama industry is doing much better than the film industry. Pakistan’s acting industry is full of potential and talent. In this way, many talented people have shown their potential acting performances. Still many stars from Pakistan have appeared on the big screen in local cinemas and are doing very well. When Pakistan’s talented people find a potential environment like Hollywood, they perform their best.

This is the thing which can change Pakistan’s film industry totally. But it takes time because the film industry is covering the uniqueness and just copying others’ styles. We have seen that there are many collaborations that have been arranged between Pakistani and Indian cinema over the years and almost gone successful. But collaboration with Hollywood is rare. But have you ever thought about which Pakistani stars have worked with Hollywood? If not, you will find some interesting superstars and their stories here.

Pakistan’s film industry has been working for years but just a few moments or films are memorable to the audience. Maybe this list of actors and the films they do also be one of these.

Let’s talk about some Pakistani actors in Hollywood movies that you might not know about them.


Adnan Siddique

This great actor needs no introduction and you will hear about him anywhere at least once. Adnan is a great actor and worked with many showbiz industries of multiple countries. Adnan Siddique has never disappointed with his acting skills. He has inspired fans all over the world with his great expressions. I know that many people may not know about his Hollywood’s contract but Adnan has worked in Hollywood. He worked with some great actors like Angelina Jolie and some other actors including Aly Khan in ‘A Mighty Heart‘. The film was released in 2007 in which Adnan acted great.

Have you ever listened to the movie ‘A Mighty Heart’? I think most people are not aware of it. But you should check it out. If you have already watched that movie then please let me know about Adnan’s performance.

Meesha Shafi

Meesha Shafi performs very well in almost every act. She is a great musician. She is Pakistan’s rockstar and music sensation. She has tried her luck in acting on the big screen in Pakistan. She also worked in Hollywood. People who are fans of her say that she is a great actor and they are trapped in her magical acts. In this she has received a lot of praise. And she is liked by the audience for her performance in the films. It is possible that You do not know his acting and films with Hollywood, but Meesha Shafi worked in the Hollywood movie ‘The Reluctant Fundamentalist’.

Do you know that this is a movie which is based on Mohsin Hamid’s 2012 book?

Let’s move to the next lovely actor who has worked in Hollywood. Let’s see how he has acted there!

Faran Tahir

The other actor in our list is Faran Tahir. If you do not know him, then soon you would be familiar with his personality and his acting. Actually, Mr. Faran Tahir is the brother of actor “Ali Tahir”. He is the son of “Naeem Tahir” who is a famous actor in the old film industry and made his name there. Naeem Tahir and his son Ali Tahir do not work with Hollywood but they pursue successful acting careers in local showbiz. Faran Tahir is one in his family who moved to America to pursue acting and he started working in Hollywood.

He has worked in many Hollywood films and these films have achieved worldwide success. He made a name in Hollywood. Do you know that he has worked with many famous films including ‘Escape Plan’, ‘The Jungle Book’, ‘Iron Man’ and ‘Star Trek’ etc. I will say only one thing. The thing is that, you would watched Iron Man multiple time, if you are fan of Tony Stark (leading character of iron man) but have you ever noticed Faran tahir! Honestly, I never noticed that Faran Tahir is acting in Iron Man.


Iqbal Theba

Mr. Iqbal has worked very well in his whole career. He has great acting skills. Therefore, he casted by Hollywood industry. Actually Iqbal Theba’s acting is similar to the acting career of Faran Tahir. Iqbal Theba has worked in several Hollywood films over the years and makes his place in more and more movies. He performs in many Hollywood films and shows. But some of his famous Hollywood works in which he worked very well are,

  • Transformers
  • Blind Dating
  • Glee (TV show)
  • And Playing for Keeps.

Hope you have seen him already in Hollywood. But if you have not seen it already, you do not need to worry about it. Because you are not alone in this aspect.


Mahnoor Baloch

We have already seen many beautiful actresses of Pakistan and definitely we really like some of them. But when we have selected one of them in the aspect of always looking young and beautiful, Mahnoor Baloch is one who takes the lead. She is a great senior television actress with multi-talented acting. She was also famous as a film actress in Pakistani showbiz. Very few people may know about his acting in Hollywood. But this charming actress who also worked in Hollywood in 2013 shows her pure acting.

The film in which Mahnoor Baloch appeared in a Hollywood movie was ‘Torn‘. It was one of the memorable films in which a Pakistani actress worked.


You would be thinking of why Pakistan needs Hollywood to get respect. Many people think differently. But if we think logically and try to understand the need of marketing and advertising. We have to collaborate with other famous film industries to make our film industry known all over the world.

We need to direct some unique and master-piece of stories in films. We need to come back with something different than love stories. We can achieve great success in films.

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