Five Pakistani Actors Who Are Doctors As Well

Career and Passion may not be available for everyone. The main difference between both is that you join any career to expect any return. On the other hand, you do something that you like and do not expect any return from it. But when someone finds something to do that can become your career and passion as well, it can change one’s life. Many people work with multiple fields to find that kind of passion which can return something to you too.

Here are seven successful celebrities who pursued medical careers before transitioning into the entertainment industry.


Dr. Shaista Lodhi

Presenter and actress Shaista Lodhi is working as a doctor in Karachi and she spends her time helping patients achieve and maintain flawless skin. Dr. Shaista Lodhi has a special interest in skin care routines and the use of organic products for skin care. She claims that she have products that are made with organic ingredients and methods. Dr. Shaista Lodhi is a highly qualified aesthetic medicine specialist and cosmetologistDr. Shaista Lodhi has spent much of her career working in skin care. She is also known as a celebrity in showbiz. Therefore, she is also an expert on her morning TV shows where she talks about skin care. For that purpose she also has a YouTube channel and she guides their helpful videos. I have many examples like, In one video, she talked about skin care in winter, especially dry skin. She also mentioned how the age impacts the skin i.e. often dried when age increases. She then gave some tips on how to keep your skin hydrated as it is the best way to avoid dryness.

Mostly she had also worked hard in the field of acting in the drama industry and specially hosting. She has worked in many dramas like Daraar, Meri Shehzadi, Fraud, and Wabaal. Also she worked in Pardes (2021), Khan (2017), and Waada (2016 – 2017). She has hosted and been a part of many morning shows for Pakistani media giants.

Nadia Hussain

Nadia Hussain is not just a model and actor, she is also a real-life dentist who graduated from Jinnah Dental College. Nadia Hussain was born in the United Kingdom. She came to Karachi, Pakistan at the age of four with her parents. She began her modeling career in 2000, just after completing her A-levels and it was the start of her career. She was just 20 at the time when she started appearing in a modeling shoot for Lakhani Silk Mills winter collection.

She completed her A Levels in 1998 and went on to study at Fatima Jinnah Dental College. She is a member of the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC) and has a diploma from the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine. Her acting career is also running well and she is better known for her showbiz career. She is a well-known top model, an actress and a TV show host.

Fahad Mirza

Fahad Mirza is an actor and doctor as well who completed his MBBS from Dow Medical College and is a plastic surgeon working at Liaquat National Hospital. He won prizes several times in the entertainment industry. Mr. Fahad Mirza has not left his profession as a doctor still and is doing his work very well. Dr. Fahad Mirza is one of the leading plastic surgeons in Karachi, Pakistan. He is trained. He is a great doctor as he got certification in plastic surgery in London. He keeps his fans informed about his achievements in both fields. For now he works at the hospital Dr. Ziauddin as Consultant Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons. He helps others by consulting them. He is proud of both his professions. Actually Mr. Fahad Mirza is a Pakistani actor, model and plastic surgeon.

He has worked hard in the drama industry and is well-known for doing his debut role as Essa in the drama serial “Bari Aapa”. He also worked in the films like,

  • Main Deewani
  • Mutthi Bhar Mitti
  • Shanakht

He has performed well and was nominated at the 3rd Hum Awards for Best Supporting Actor.

Adeel Chaudhry

Adeel Chaudhry is a wonderful actor and he is not only a writer, singer, actor and model but also has the skills as a dentist. Adeel got his degree from a famous dental hospital in Lahore. The background is that he has the nationalities of Pakistan and Canada. He has worked in Hindi & Urdu films & television. As well as working in acting, Adeel also has two studio albums. He started his showbiz career as a commercials model and appeared the first time on the TV in the commercials for the very famous brand of soft drink, Pepsi in India in which his performance was great. His acting debut was in the comedy, drama, and family serial “Yeh Zindagi Hai”. It was the year of 2008 and still he is doing his best and impressing an ample amount of people with his acting. He also has great skills in the medical field and is one of the great actors who is also a doctor as well.

Amina Sheikh

She was born in New York and completed her early education at the American International School in Riyadh. Aamina is a pharmacist and a great actor. Aamina Sheikh also has two nationalities, American and Pakistani. She is actually a songwriter, actress and fashion model in the showbiz industry. She has great performance in her work and got much appreciation for her work in the Urdu television series and art films.

Do you know that she is the recipient of four Lux Style Awards from nine nominations! Therefore, she has great acting skills. She have done many serials like,

  • Cake (2018)
  • Jackson Heights (2014 – 2015)
  • Maat (2011 – 2012)
  • Daam (2010)

She is also a Pharmacist by profession and one of the great actresses who is also a doctor.


Acting is one of the professions which is a little easier than being a doctor. Actors have to do their work when they want or before the camera starts. But being a doctor is a difficult task. Doctors have to work all day.

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