Five Famous Pakistani Celebrities Who Are Non-Muslims

Pakistan has many types of nations and religions. The Muslims are more in population, therefore, we always see Muslims in showbiz mostly but some great celebrities that are also famous in showbiz have other religions. The Pakistani nation feels proud of them and their work because of their mind blowing performance for Pakistan. You all know them but you do not know that they are non-muslims. I have already thought that he/she is Muslim about some of them but when I came to know, I was shocked.

Here we are going to discuss some of Pakistan’s most successful non-Muslim celebrities.

Are you ready for this? Let’s get started with our nation’s heroes who are non-muslim!



A superstar and legendary rapper Bohemia who rocked when speaking. His work is amazing and he has worked with many superstars as a rapper. Most of the stars with which he had worked belong to Pakistan and India. Like Bilal Saeed. His real name is Roger David. He was born on October 15, 1979. The other name he has which you better know as Bohemia. He is a Pakistani-American rapper and record producer. He sang many songs as well as rapped. He was born in Karachi, did his schooling in Peshawar and was the first Punjabi rapper to have popularized the genre. He got too much fame in rap.



Jia Ali

One of the beautiful stars, Jia Ali, is a non-muslim Pakistani model and actress. She has super cool abilities in acting and modelling. Jia Ali’s background is that she was born in Lahore in 1972. Do you know that she started her modelling career at the very early age of 19.

She belongs to Christians family and grew up in Christian environment. She has struggled to reach these heights. She got started with acting and made her acting debut with Syed Noor and performed her role in “Deewane Tere Pyar Ke” in 1997. It was released  on 7 November 1997. That film was superb and celebrated its platinum jubilee in Pakistani cinemas. She worked in many other projects in which she gave super hit films and dramas to Pakistani industry. Her recent film was Saaya-e-Khuda-e-ZulJalaal (2016) in which she performed an important role.



Another lady who attracted a Pakistani audience was Shabnam. She ruled Pakistani cinema for almost two decades. She got fame as shabnam but her real name was Jharna Basak. She was born in Dhaka in 1942 and it was the era when Pakistan did not come into existence. At the time of aparting the subcontinent indo pak, she was a kid. Her ancestors support Pakistan and give the superstar to the Pakistani film industry. She has done many films. She has appeared in over 180 films and won 13 Nigar Awards which was great success for her. Shabnam worked in Pakistani cinema and perform in some of its greatest films like,

  • Aina (1977),
  • Bandish (1980),
  • Qurbani (1981),
  • Bandagi (1972),
  • Dooriyan (1984)
  • and several other unforgettable classical movies.

After this, she moved to Bangladesh with her husband “Robin Ghosh” in 1997. Robin Ghosh was also a superstar. After the demise of Robin Ghosh in 2016, Shabnam has again decided to return to Pakistani cinema in 2017.

Robin Ghosh

The other non-muslim lagend was Robin Ghosh who has been a Pakistani star musician for nearly 30 years. He performed his best with his wife Shabnam. He worked with actor Nadee and director Nazrul Islam and performed a formidable team that gave Pakistan some of its greatest hits that cannot be denied. Her wife Shubnam was also part of his team. Robin Ghosh’s music performed very good in the films,

  • Talash (1963)
  • Chakori (1967)
  • Chahat (1974)
  • Aaina (1977)
  • Bandish (1980)
  • and Dooriyan (1984)

It helped him to win 6 Nigar Awards for Best Film Composer.

Death: His death happened in 2016. Robin Ghosh and his wife Shabnam moved to Bangladesh in 1997, where he died in 2016.


Saleem Raza

Saleem Raza was Born in Noel Dias in Amritsar in 1932. As he had to decide where to live at the time of separation of the sub-continent. Therefore, Saleem Raza or his ancestors chose to go with Pakistan. He was shifted to Lahore after independence. As a legendary classic singer, He gave Pakistan some classics that cannot be ignored in history. He sing many songs like

  • ‘Ae Dil Kisi Ki Yaad Mein’
  • ‘Jaan-e-Baharan Rashk-e-Chaman’
  • ‘Husn Ko Chaand, Jawani Ko Kanwal Kehte Hain’

These are the kind of songs that have become a necessary part of Pakistani music.

The more interesting thing is that the famous Naat ‘Shah-e-Madina‘ was also recited for the first time by Saleem Raza in 1957. He does not leave anything or any opportunity in his life for struggle. Even he works with Islamic speakers being a Christian. That was the reason, he got too much respect still from all the Pakistani nation as a classic singer.



Pakistan is full of talented people. The talent does not belong to any specific cast, or any specific sect. Unfortunately, we have a royal family system. The person who has high authority and power can ruin anyone’s life. The talent does not matter here. We need to improve our way of thinking. The more we will give value to this country the more it will give us respect.

Everyone should perform his own role honestly. The talented people must come up to authoritative seats. Casts should not be our central line to judge anyone’s skills and talent. Muslim religion does not allow one to claim other’s rights because it is “Haram wealth”. But people still do so because they want to continue their royalty system.

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