Five Classic Pakistani Film Actors Who Are Still Famous

The history of Pakistan is filled with many great people who have made Pakistan famous through their work. There is no person in Pakistan who does not want its development. But the transformative power lies within only a few and I am going to list before you some of the great actors who have shown the essence of acting for Pakistan. You may think or feel that Pakistan’s old film industry was very poor and Pakistan’s film industry is only developing now. But this is what you just think, if you are a young person, because those who are older know what kind of personalities have passed in Pakistan who have done it through acting۔ And not only did they convince themselves in this way, but they also made the name of Pakistan famous in the world.

Without wasting too much of your time, I’d like to quickly tell you about the personalities who have done it. This session is very valuable and after knowing this you will be able to understand the hard work of old people. If you want to become an actor then this is very important for you. So ok then let’s start with our list.

Waheed Murad

This is one such role that revolutionized the history of Pakistani film industry. He showed his brilliant acting skills and proved how to reinvent acting. He is one of those actors who was young because acting was the base of some people in Pakistan at that time. That is why some trends were set there. He came into the industry under the same conditions and made the film industry famous. Because people of that time liked his style of acting so it didn’t take much time for him to become successful.

He was also a writer. He was one of the great young men as an actor who created many many emotional and romantic love story movies and people still watched these movies. As those days there was little amount of actors and they could not even dance there and all the song we see are based on the dance of lady and actors are just watching on her. During the whole classic songs we just see the actress who dances and actors do not do that. He changed all these patterns through his dance. He has done Armaan film which was Pakistan’s first platinum jubilee film. He have done many films at the time in which Armaan, Doraha, Ehsaan, Andaleeb, Anjuman, Jab Jab Phool Khile are few one.

He left his influence on all over south Asia at that time. He was on the only one who got opportunity to secure the highest number of platinum, diamond, golden and silver jubilees. Unlucky he was one of the legendary actors who left us soon and moved to the next heavens. If he could curry his career till now then I hope you can change the Pakistani film industry but good people do not keep themselves with us for long while. They leave us sooner.

Muhammad Ali

This is also a well-known personality who also spent a good time in the Pakistani industry. He also acted in many films and acted as a hero in many more films. Muhammad Ali is a doer who is also known as the King of Emotions. He has not played any half role but he has played thousands of roles. His wife Zeba Begum also helped him a lot in playing the role and together they tried hard to show the right image of him in the neighbouring country of India as well.

He also has many historical roles and biographies. He has played his role in 250 films. This is a character who has not only played his role as a hero but also played his role as a villain.Now you might be wondering what is so special about him playing the roles of hero and villain.

Yes, these are not special things for now, but they were very special for that time because the classic film industry was not free of the fact that whoever was given the role of the hero was also the villain. He also appeared in the report that was published for the top 25 best actors of Asia.


If you belong to a young generation, then you must have heard the name of Rangeela, who is a popular figure in the Pakistani film industry. He changed the entire historical map of Pakistani film industry and with his humour he made us what we cannot expect. So let’s see in which films he has played his role.

His real name is Saeed Khan but people also know him very well by the name of Rangeela. He was not only a comedian but was also skillful in various fields of acting. He was producer, director, writer and also a singer as well. His various fields were full of fun and skills but he was famous for his funny acting and the king of comedy in Pakistani classical movies therefore people still know him for his role and impactful full comedy character. I personally watched some movies in which he played his role. I saw that his role is full of fun and mostly his facial expressions compel us to laugh for no reason.

Sultan Rahi

I don’t need to tell you much about Sultan Rahi because you must have already heard something about him. He was such a great actor who took part in action movies. His expertise was originally within Punjabi films and most of his roles are popular in Punjabi films. One of his movies named Maula Jat still can’t be forgotten because the story and dialogues in it are unforgettable. He played brilliant roles and became the star of classic films.

The success of any action film depends on its strong dialogue and fight scenes. Have you seen anything that’s an action film and doesn’t have punchy dialogues in it? I think it’s hard to do. Similarly, this film is also still famous for its dialogues. His famous Punjabi dialogue is “Maulay nu maula na Maray te Maula Ni Mar Skda“. By seeing the importance of this movie our Pakistani film industry has recently released maula jatt 2. From that you can understand the demand and craze of this movie in Pakistan’s audience.

He has also done some other great movies like

  • Sher Khan,
  • Chan Veryam,
  • or Kaley Chore.

Munawar Zarif

This is the last legendary classic character on our list but I think it is not the least. If we talk about the classical legendary actors and forget to talk about Mister Munawar Zarif it should never happen. This is one of the greatest actors who has unique style, quality and versatile nature in his acting. His character and one was so brilliant that it was the glory of every cinema. He used to be the highlight of the theatres because of his work and I sincerely hope that if he is part of the modern films of Pakistan, there is no one to compare him.

The list of his brilliant roles is very long but his role of Saida Khera in “Heer Ranja” is not forgettable. His character of Saida  is still memorable While this film was made in 1970.

Last Explanation

We cannot underestimate the importance of the classic world in the Pakistani movies industry. Don’t forget that era when there were no editors to edit the films and there were no effects and VFX etc to make fakeness real. They struggled hard to create a scene by trying it at times. If there was any mistake found by the director then they would produce that scene from scratch again. Therefore actors also face many problems while shooting and to play their role because of wasting time on the same thing when the mistake happens. Because the first step taken by my forefather helped us to upgrade our way of working and we are now at the stage to make wonderful products in the form of films.

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