Five Actors Who Have Done Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is one of the medical techniques in which one can repair or rebuild any part of the body which is injured or needs to be improved, e.g. for the purpose of cosmetic surgery.

Disclaimer: The above definition of plastic surgery is taken from Google therefore I have not concerned with medical terms.

Most of the audience demands a cure and fresh face, bright eyes and attractive figure. As you know, looks are very important in the career of showbiz and the audience monitors each and every step of the actors. Therefore actors need to maintain themselves at every moment when they come in front of the camera. They want to look realistic and therefore they try different techniques like makeup and plastic surgery etc.

Fawad Khan

Fawad khan is one of the legendary superstars who got too much fame for his looks and it is said that he is the highest paid actor in Pakistani showbiz industry. He has great acting skills, that’s why people like his projects. He is one of the famous Pakistani actors who have worked in other than Pakistani showbiz like with Bollywood industry. He is one of the beautiful actors who got the title of beautiful man. And we receive a lot of news about his looks. To maintain the beauty and looks, anyone needs care and maintenance efforts. Therefore, he also got plastic surgery for his look. We hear rumours about his changed look and after all we can say that he got plastic surgery for his nose.


Nadia Hassan

Nadia Hassan is also known for his beauty and expressions. She has also taken great care of her look. She is a good model and actor in the Pakistani showbiz industry. As I have discussed, she is one of the best personalities who struggles for his beauty. She had plastic surgery this way. She had surgery on her nose, cheek, lips, chin and face. After this she has a different look and is cute after all.

Amna Haq

She is one of the open minded female actors, who also got plastic surgery for her beautiful look. She wants to keep on looking. Therefore, she decided to take some steps towards plastic surgery. She has done plastic surgery by implanting her cheek and also done lip augmentation. Actually she was one of the attention grabber ladies and demanded a Pakistani model. She wanted to improve her looks. I think the plastic surgery did not prove as impactful as she expected.

Noor Bukhari

Another beautiful face in Pakistani showbiz industry, who has an impactful presence on the film industry of Pakistan. She had also left an impactful impression on the world of hosting the shows. She is another demanded lady for her acting and expressive look. She is one of the actors who benefited from medical treatment and she looks better after the plastic surgery. She had a beautiful face but her nose was a little long and wider, which made her look cool. Therefore, she decided to take action against her nose and had plastic surgery. She looks better now and achieved the goal of attractive looks. She was already beautiful and organized but what was the reason that she decided to do plastic surgery with her face.

Mehwish Hayat Khan

She is another struggling actress that is very beautiful and attractive. Her start in the showbiz industry was difficult like few other actors. She is a singer and actor. She has a very charming face and when she smiles, her face expresses deep emotions and we get trapped in her smile. No one can keep himself away from her style and acting once become fan of her beauty. She looks extra and has a beautiful career. She also has had plastic surgery and we can see improvements in her look. She was also beautiful from childhood but after surgery, she improved her appearance. She had surgery with lips and nose. Her lips and nose look awesome. After doing surgery, she has gotten more fame in the showbiz industry.


I have discussed only four celebrities but you know that list goes on. Because I want to discuss some main things about plastic surgery and actors’ relationships. People can achieve the heights of beauty and attraction. An attractive face can attract any superpower. And as an actor, facial beauty is very important and the whole career stands on it. There are some reasons why they got plastic surgery. Let’s discuss them shortly!


Public demands mostly in Asian countries like Pakistan, or India demand white skin with freshness. Actors are compelled to do plastic surgeries. Actors make the decision to take this difficult step keeping in mind the demand of fans and social circles around them. Beauty is one of the most demanding assets of any actor. Therefore, they keep maintaining their beauty and smoothness.


The race of ups and downs has too many variations and changes with time. If someone does upgrade himself, he will be outdated and his skills lost their importance. Acting industry, which is the most competitive and changing too fast, needs updated skills and acting style. Looks also matter somewhere. Due to the fear of changing industry’s trends, they want to adopt it like looks. Therefore, they find the way of surgery.

Own Wish

We all try to do something which we feel is enjoyable and our mind urges us to do that. The urge comes when we see and expect something bigger than exists. Therefore actors are trying to improve their looks and they want to look something different in all over the industry. They wish they look white and their face looks young, therefore they try plastic surgery. All are living in the world of dreams with the real world as well. Therefore we have wishes and want to fulfil all these wishes. By the way I am just telling you the reason why they prepared for surgery. It doesn’t mean that I am criticizing them. I think it is their own will and I can just comment on them.

Keep on

The most thoughtful reason is that they want to keep on their performance and presence in the industry. When they feel that they are getting down in the industry and to continue their survival in the industry they try different techniques like plastic surgery. Joining any field is not a big deal but getting success and keeping it for a long time is a difficult task and a tricky business. Therefore I think one tries plastic surgery to make them their favourite forever.

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