Seven Pakistani Showbiz’s Couples Who Got Separated in 2022

The year 2022 was a year of breakups for celebrities of Pakistan. The fans get disappointed when celebrities make these types of decisions. May you be one of them who has a heart level affiliation with any celebrity. Here are some superstars of showbiz industry who breakup with their partners in 2022. I have prepared a special list of these celebrities for you. So let’s get started!


Aima Baig / Shabaz Sigiri Couple

Popular Pakistani singer Ayma Baig called off her engagement to Shabazz Sigrid in September. In a long-form Instagram’s post, she wrote that: “Yes we have parted ways, but we both are doing good and fine so don’t worry.” However, after Biag’s announcement, British model Taloulah revealed the “real reason“. She reveals the cheating on ShabazBut Aima Biag has since denied all the things discussed on Instagram stories and do not accept any of these. But what was the reality behind, we cannot say anything about it clearly. Most of the people says it was true that Taloulah revealed. But on the other hand, the Aima Baig’s fans are defending her. Many people thinks that we should note talk about past happenings and wish them best for good future. What do you think about them? Please let me know in the comment box. 

Amir Liaqat (later) / Tubi Anwar Couple

The Amir Liaqat (late) married Anwar in 2017 and they were happy in starting. But the things get complex and complexer and they separated in February of 2022 year. On February 9, Tubi posted on Instagram to share the news of his breakup with Amir (late) with his followers. I am going to share with you the exact words: “With a heavy heart I want to make people aware of a development in my life,” she said. Amir was get married 3rd time with another girl “Dania Shah” (of uncomfirm aged) and started his life happily. But unluckily, she left him soon within 2-3 months. 

There was lot of rumors and criticism on both. Many people supported Dania. But Amir Liaqat (late) had its own viewpoint about their separation. He calls her back to him for new beginning of their life but she did not agree.

We see many interviews in which Dinia place his viewpoint about the Mr. Amir(late) but he denied her all blamesUnfortunately, we hear a sad news about Amir Liaqat that he had left us. The real reason of his death was ambiguous. I think,the the rumors on social media was the big reason. He was too much depressed and lost his life early. He was funny too and his shows was full of fun. He acts very well. Therefore, many memes about his activities are still revolving in YouTube videos. 

May God give him great place in heaven and forgive him.


Sajal Ali / Ahad Raza Mir Couple

We heard many rumours about the separation of Sajal Ali and Ahad Reza Mir But we did not see any clear statement from both of them. After some time, Sajal Ali removed the Ahad’s name along with his name from his Instagram page, it was the clear indication that something is happened. Audience understood the truth of these rumours. They got married in March 2020 and started their relationship together. They was one of the most popular couples in showbiz and both get too much fame due to their happy life. After getting separated, We noticed that both have deleted all their wedding photos from their social media accounts and shocked their fans. There are many viewpoints that exist in the industry but The main reason behind their separation is not clear. Many people think that they got married for the fame. After getting fame and benefits, they got separated

On the other hand, some people think that they get separated due any misunderstanding. They are still believing that they will met together again. But after many months, they are still does not do so. 

Let’s see what happened in the future. But I will suggest their fans that have moved on and are working for their future. Fans should understand their priorities in real life and stop thinking about random stuff.

Feroze Khan / Aliza Sultan Couple

This couple get married in March 2018. Although they have two children and living their happy life. But for some reason this couple have announced their separation on social media. The solid thing is that Feroze Khan have confirmed their divorce on September 3. The Aliza Sultan fights for the custody of her children and now she have the custody of her childs. In the month of November, Feroze Khan requested the court to met his children’s Sultan and Fatima. He met them Aliza Sultan and Firoz Khan both have announced the exact decision about their separation on their social media accounts. They announced that they will no move live together. 

Dear friends, I want to clear that Feroze and Aliza got married four years ago but this relationship is no more exist. Aliza reveals that he had torture her psychologically and even beat her badly. Friend we do not know what is the reality behind this fact revealed by Aliza? If you have any ideas, let me know in the comment below.


Sana / Fakhr Jafri’s Couple

Lollywood actor Sana also recently announced her separation. She has decided to leave the relationship with Fakhat Jafri after being married for over 14 years. After a long time of life, why did she do so? 

Let’s see what she has to say! She wrote, “With all the respect, me and Fakhar, after several years of marriage through highs and lows, decided to take separate paths.” After this statement, it is not clear that she is trying to forget all her past life and wants to move on. It is a fact that separation is painful when someone spends dozens of years. We have best wishes for both of them. 

Dear friends, I want to tell you that Sana and Jaffri got married in 2008. It was the time when Sana was at the peak of her career. They were parents to two boys. This couple have spent most of the time together but still they don’t live together further.


Imran Ashraf / Kiran Ashfaque Couple

This was one of the most liked couples in the Pakistani acting industry. We hear the rumours of Imran Asrah and Kiran Ashfaque’s separation were revolving on social media. After some time and on October 17, the actor confirmed the news of the breakup through his social media handles. On Monday, the Alif Allah Aur Insaan’s actor Imran Ashraf used Instagram to announce the bad news about separation with his wife. He wrote some heart touching words: “With a heavy heart, we announce that we have mutually and respectfully decided to part ways.” He married Kiran Ashfaque in 2018 and they are parents of a son named ‘Roham’. She is also a talented actress. 

Ashraf also requested the fans and the friends to support him during that hard timeHe demanded from fans to give them the privacy they need to move onAfterall, they have to move on to their journey and live their life.

Furqan Qureshi / Sabrina Couple

Social media users were discussing that the famous actor Furqan Qureshi and his wife are headed towards a divorce as both have unfollowed on Instagram profiles. They unfollowed each other. Therefore, that means they do not want to live together. Furquan Qureqhi got married to Sabrina Naqvi in December 2016. They have shared pictures together, but now both have deleted each other’s pictures on their social media accounts. After 6 years, they decided to live separated from each other.


Last Words,


Breakups are not good practices but situations can make it good. No one wants to do separations without any reason. And definitely, this is not an easy situation to leave anyone who is a life partnerWhat happened in their lives, we do not know but moving forward to a new hope of life is a decision with full of wisdom.

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