Six Pakistani Actors Who were Rich before Acting

I have prepared a well researched list which can blow your mind. Most of the young people want to join showbiz. They want to get fame and wealth.

Everyone wishes to become an actor to get rich but some of them have no need for it. They were passionate in their acting. They are really enjoying their work now.

If they want to live their rich life, they could do so. But they chose a hard life and joined to make their name in industry by their hard struggle. And now they are central personalities in Pakistani’s showbiz industry.

Are you looking to know about your favorite actors who were born in rich families?

Do you know them who enter into acting just for their interest?

Are you excited?

Let’s get started!

Hareem Farooq

She was born in Islamabad in 1992. She spent most of life in Islamabad. Then moved to Karachi with her family. She also belongs to a wealthy family. Her father and mother are both doctors. She got a degree in masters of sociology and journalism. She entered the film industry in 2013. She started her journey from the horror film ‘SIYAAH’. She started TV Dramas in 2014. She Produced her own film named ‘Janaan’. She also acted in the movie ‘Parchi’ movie.

Zeba Bakhtiar

She is one of the best actresses who get much fame in TV, Film, and Music as a producer, director, and actor. She was born in 1968 and belongs to Quetta cityThey were 4 siblings in which she have 2 sisters and 2 brothers. Her father was a close friend of Pakistan’s politician Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto. Her father was a rich person. His father’s name was Yahya BakhtiarZaiba Bakhtiar and her siblings got higher education and shifted to Karachi. And after some time, they shifted to Islamabad. She moved to Canada for more study. She was a loving daughter of her parents. She got married at a very young age but was unsuccessful to continue for a long time. She got involved again in study after that tough timeAfter these happenings, she joined showbiz in 1988. She began with TV serials. Her first drama was “Anarkali” in which she played a lead role. The Indian film industry offered her to work with them. His family forced her to reject their approval but insisted on joining. She worked in Indian films and showed her full potential there. She got married to ‘Adnan Sami Khan’ and gave birth to ‘Azan Sami Khan’. But unfortunately this journey ended after a few years. She got divorce from adnan sami khan. She got married four times but all were unsuccessful. And enter in the direction and production field and get high success there. Her family was decent and rich. She just joined the industry for her interest.

Mira Sethi

She is daughter of famous ex chairman of Pakistan cricket board, ‘Najam Shetti’. Her mother is a famous generalist and politician. Her mother belongs to a rich syed family. Therefore mira sethi belongs to a top class family. She entered into acting due to her interest. She worked as a comedy actor and played her role very effectively. She got her education from Oxford university. She joined the showbiz industry in 2011. She was interested in writing as well as acting. She got married with ‘Bilal Sadeeq’ in 2019. The marriage ceremony was unique and beautiful. Her brother also belongs to the film industry as a sweet singer. Parents support his childrens. Therefore, they have a peak of confidence.

Hamza Ali Abbasi

Hamza is one of the luckiest people who was rich without showbizHamza ali Abbasi is huge name in the film industry of pakistan. He belongs to the LandLord family. His father is ‘Mazar Ali Abbasi’ who was army officer i.e. major (retired). He was born in 1984 in multan. He got his bachelor’s from america. He also has a master’s degree. He had also passed the CSS exam. He joined the police but he could adjust himself with police duty. Do you know that he left his CSS job for filmmaking and acting! He supports Pakistan Tehreek e insaf and ex prime minister of Pakistan Imran KhanWhen Pakistan Tehreek e insaf took charge of the government, he left everything i.e. stop supporting Imran Khan and showbiz industry. He start learning islam and to understand the islamic teachings betterly, he attached with ‘Javed Ahmed Ghamidi’. When leave showbiz, he says that it does not impact him, if he leaves showbiz. He says that he has enough setup so that he can live a good life without working more in showbizHe always works for his passion and wishes. He was a man who sacrificed his CSS job for the acting industry. And also got peak in showbiz by his dedication and hardwork


Sarwat Gilani

She was born in Peshawar city of KPK (Khyber Pakhtum Khawa) in 1982. She belongs to the syed family. She got her education from karachi. She got a bachelor’s degree in communication. She also got a master’s degree in filmmaking. Once upon a time, he met with the director accidently at her. He offered her to work with him in a drama serial. So she got started with ‘Geo TV’. She got married in 2005 but soon after 3 years in 2008, she got divorce. She got married again with ‘Fahad Mirza’ in 2014. He is a cosmetic surgeon and TV Actor. She is still living her life with Fahad Mirza successfully and happily. She joined Film industry in 2015. Her first film was ‘Jawani Phir Nahi Ani’. And now she has worked in dozens of TV dramas.


Ahad Raza Meer

He was born in Karachi in 1993. His father ‘Asif Raza Meer’ is a famous actor and producer of TV and Film. His grandpa ‘Raza Meer’ was also a famous filmmaker. I am personally a fan of his acting. He has two nationalities i.e. Pakistani and canadian. His father is also a successful businessman. He got married to famous actress ‘Sajal Ali’ in 2020. But after 2 years, they decided to break up. And in 2022, he got divorced. He worked in a famous military film ‘Parwaz Hai Junoon’ in 2018. He got too much fame from this movie. He has worked in more than 8 Drama serials. The famous drama serial ‘Ehd-e-wafa’ is top of the list. He played the role of ‘Saad’ which was a superhit.


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Dear friends, these were some actors, who joined the showbiz industry for their satisfaction and interest. If you like them, share and please let me know in the comment below! 

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